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Thermometer based on ATMega AVR (Beer Brewing temperature controller)


·          100% Arduino compatible (Arduino Duemilanove ATMega168 MCU)

·          Supports 1-wire and analog thermo sensors (DS18B20 ... / LM35)  and thermocouples if we add AD597 on board

·          RS232 i/o (for data out and for new Ardu code in if you like to change something)

·          Precision voltage ref IC MCP1541 (4,096v) onboard to support analog thermo IC’s

·          Draws only 27mA (64mA when backlight is on)


 Eagle files: Parts-list.txt Eagle libs

 Arduino code:  Beer_temp_1wire_v2.ino , Beer_temp_1wire_v3.ino (from Martin)

 Arduino libraries: OneWire , Button  (unzip and put to Arduino libraries folder)